Just envision: It’s Devil’s Night, October 30th, and Halloween plans materialize out of nowhere. “Hurray!” you shout, because something fun is finally going to happen in 2020.

But then, to your horror, you realize you don’t have a costume and you won’t be able to get one in time. Here’s where JudyP comes in.

With a dash of makeup, a slice of creativity, and the right JudyP top or dress, the key to your perfect, simple costume may already be in your wardrobe.

The Sleek Black Cat
Go for a Halloween classic: the black cat. Our black Turtleneck Long Sleeve Top is as stylish as it is comfortable. Plus, it’s seductive! If you’re feeling the holiday spirit extra enough, paint whiskers on to your cheeks and wear a cat-eared tiara!

The Cutest Mime
With a little black and white face paint and a pair of white gloves, you’ll be a silent geometry wizard with our white Jewel Neck Long Sleeve Top. Perfect for introverts!

The Pumpkin Queen
Paint a Jack O’Lantern onto your face with orange and black makeup and then choose either our creamsicle Ava top or our Scoop Neck ¾ Sleeve Top to become a pumpkin queen. Bonus points for an orange tiara or, if you can find it, a white, black, or orange cane (to serve as your royal scepter). Talk about easy and adorable!

The Fabulous Grim Reaper
Paint a skeleton on your face (or wear a skull mask if you’ve got one) and wear our all-black Donna Dress to channel both spooky and sophisticated vibes.

Daphne From Scooby Doo!
This one isn’t as much of a stretch as it might seem! With our Petunia-colored Tank Dress, you just might be able to pull this off. What you’ll absolutely need is a green (preferably lime green) scarf and a violet headband to complete the look. If possible, dying your hair strawberry blonde will have cartoon fans shouting your name out from across the room. Why not get everybody to relive their childhoods in style?

No matter what costume you go with be sure to have as safe a Halloween as possible. 2020 has thrown a lot at us this year, but Halloween on a Saturday is not one of them. Shop JudyP now!