We have all been invited to an “All White Attire” summer party at least once. But why is white so popular in the summer? Why is it you should only wear white between Memorial and Labor Day?

White represents purity and innocence. It is the color of brides; it is clean and refreshing. It is frequently thought of as a blank slate, denoting a new beginning or a fresh start. The ideal color to wear in hot weather, as it makes you feel clean and refreshed.

Centuries ago, only elites in society wore white. The reason for this was that they were considered “clean”. There weren’t any laundry machines, so if you wore white, it meant that you weren’t doing labor work and had servants to wash your laundry.

Today when we see people wearing white, we simply think they look nice and clean. But it all comes back to the idea that white is a color that makes you stand out from the crowd. It is simple and elegant. It will convey positive energy to those around you.

Here are some fresh & timeless JudyP white looks for summer!


MIA (Long Layering Tank) in White