When it comes to JudyP Apparel, our clothing doesn’t just look great— it also absorbs and blocks harmful UV radiation. In fact, our sun-protective clothing is the simplest way to stay safe, because unlike sunscreen, you never need to reapply.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) indicates how much UV radiation a fabric allows to reach your skin. Here at JudyP, all of our styles have a UPF 50+, blocking 98 percent of the sun’s rays and allowing only two percent (1/50th) to penetrate. In simple terms, all our styles from our Basics to our Fashion Collection reduce your risk of sun exposure significantly.

Still, we know what you might be asking yourself: Is clothing with UPF actually necessary? Yes, and here’s why:

It Keeps You Cool

The Skin Cancer Foundation notes: “A specially made high-UPF shirt, say, with long sleeves and a double layer of fabric at the shoulders — a high UV exposure area — might be constructed with a lightweight material that gives the wearer superior comfort and coolness as well as added sun safety.” This is especially true here at JudyP. As well as the top-tier UPF 50+ rating and functional design of our apparel, our fabrics are lightweight, moisture wicking, and breathable so that they are comfortable to wear in hot, sunny conditions. This means that while our clothing is protecting you from damaging sun exposure, it’s also keeping you comfortable and stylish. 

It Combats Aging

The secret to youthful skin? Steering clear of the sun. No, really: The sun causes proteins in our skin to deteriorate, leading to the loss of our youthful appearance over time, which, well… is a total bummer. And while most people think the best way to combat this is by purchasing costly moisturizers or Botox, the truth is proper sun protection is key. In fact, a recent study from Australian researchers found that regular sun protection protects against photoaging: the wrinkling, spotting, and loss of elasticity caused by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

It turns out, a regular t-shirt may only have a UPF as low as 5 (yes, that low!), equivalent to wearing SPF5 sunscreen which means that 20% of UV rays are penetrating the fabric. This compares to a JudyP fabric which— as mentioned earlier— has been tested and rated UPF 50+, which is equivalent to wearing SPF50+ sunscreen and protects from at least 98% of UV rays.

It’s an Investment… 

… In your long-term health. While buying a blouse might not at first seem like a long-term health investment, it most certainly is. Here’s why: Our skin is the largest organ we have— and taking care of it early in life means avoiding any long-term health hiccups or financial issues (whether it’s cosmetic surgery or something more serious) down the road. 

Medical Experts Agree

Dermatologists around the world agree that sun protective clothing is the best way to protect yourself from UV radiation.

Wearing a UPF 50+ shirt is equivalent to getting the benefit of SPF 50+ sunscreen, but with greater certainty. While sunscreen can rub off or become less effective throughout the day, a top or dress provides consistent protection. Not to mention, most people often apply less sunscreen than recommended and then forget to reapply (especially while exercising or at the beach). This leaves them susceptible to sunburn, skin ageing, and an increased likelihood of developing skin cancer.