Well, we did it! Another impressive year in the books. I’m grateful for all the lovely women that shared my love for JudyP Apparel. It’s impossible to predict what 2023 will bring, but I believe that prosperity will prevail, and we will start to feel a sense of normalcy again. From a personal design standpoint, here are a few things I will be focusing on.

Color: While the last few years saw a 1970’s comeback, stylists predict that 2023 will be decidedly reminiscent of the early-aughts. I’m happy to hear it, because the turn of the millennium was a great time for big, bold colors! Skylar, Bougainvillea, and Green Goddess are all on my mood board this month, and I’m so excited to announce my new Spring 2023 colors. Here’s your hint: Celestial Royalty, full of Razzmatazz, a touch of Tangerine, but never forget to be Pretty in Pink!

Community: As a designer, I’m always in communication with the people who wear my clothing. Trends come and go, but my community remains constant. I love learning your ideas, hearing your feedback, and seeing all your JudyP outfits on social media. Design is a two-way street, and I’m grateful to “share the road” –creatively speaking– with such an inspiring group of people. 

Care: With my work at JudyP, I put a tremendous amount of effort into making sure our garments are made with care. To me, that means using high-quality fabrics, designing flattering silhouettes, and of course selecting the perfect colors. I’m always on-the-go, ensuring that production at our network of U.S. workshops is running as smoothly as can be. All this attention to detail has a tangible result: our fabulous collection of beautiful, versatile clothing.  

There is, of course, so much more that this year will hold. Friends we’ll make, music we’ll hear, and outfits we’d never previously dreamed of! While we wait for these many surprises to unfold, all we can do is take stock in what we treasure most. 

Have a restful final few days of 2022, and a terrific New Year!

– JudyP