While September 21st is the “official” start of fall, let’s be real: everyone knows fall really starts the day after Labor Day.

Post Labor Day, the fall wardrobe – full of breezy outfits and Autumn colors – officially enters your closet. Reds, browns, and burnt oranges galore– but why can’t white be included?

The saying, “You can’t wear white after Labor Day,” implies that white works well in the yellow sunshine, but sticks out like a sore thumb in the season where everything turns brown, orange, and red. This, is just plain silly. You CAN wear white after labor day (and whenever you want!).

Here are a few JudyP exclusive tips on how to pull off white in the season of change.

Our V-Neck Sleeveless Top can be paired with a skirt over leggings for a cute and comfortable, yet professional pairing, with one added feature. What’s that? A jacket! We promise the solution to wearing white in the fall isn’t always to cover it up, but if you want your jacket to make a statement, layer it over white so it pops and accentuates the fall feeling. Go for a fluffy jacket or a throw that has a unique texture…you will look sensational this fall.

Break the norm, stick out like a sore thumb and look like a total superstar. By that, we mean go all white. Yes, really! White boots, white pants, and put it all together with our Isabella top, which features a graceful sleeve design that’s a constant headturner.

Go for layers with our Turtleneck Long Sleeve Top as your base layer. Incorporating white into your outfit as a part of a pattern can look spectacular, no matter what time of year it is.

Make white work while you’re working out. Exercise outfits are meant to pop to make you visible to drivers and other obstructions. So instead of blending in while you go for a jog, stand out with our Jewel Neck Long Sleeve Top.

When it comes to wearing white after Labor Day, don’t sweat it. If all you have are jeans and something like our Charlotte top, then just go for it. The fashion police don’t actually exist (last we checked) and even if they did, rulebreakers always have all the fun.