There’s no denying that what you wear says a lot about you— and that the color you wear often says even more.

In fashion, the use of color is both subjective and significant. A certain hue has the ability to evoke emotions and change people’s perception of you and where you’re from. For instance, an all black ensemble screams New York to most people, while bright and playful patterns give way to California.

This is why JudyP is so intent and precise when selecting colors for her collection. During our conversation with Judy, she explained that she wants the new Spring/Summer 2022 Colors to speak to customers— and what she wants them to say is: time to be happy, be bright, and enjoy life again.

Read on below for more of our interview with JudyP.

What was your inspiration for the new Spring/Summer 2022 Colors?

My inspiration for the new colors was more of a motto, “Time to be happy, be bright, and enjoy life again.” The team here feels like it is time to move forward and take one of those adventures you have been dreaming about during Covid. And we’re sure there are a lot of people out there who feel the same way.

What color do you think is going to be particularly strong this season?

Constant Coral and Misty Blue will run neck and neck for the lead. My bet is on Constant Coral as the temperature starts to get warmer.

Are any of the new Spring/Summer 2022 Colors based on certain trends?

Not really; the colors are based on feelings I want to evoke in my customers. I believe that when you wear clothing that features “happy” colors, you are “happier” on those days. I am always trying to find colors that will brighten a wardrobe, brighten a day, give you confidence, and make you feel great about yourself.

Conversely, are any of the new Spring/Summer 2022 Colors based on certain colors that you love or are particularly drawn to?

I carry a pink purse, have a pink wallet and a pink iPhone.  So…I had to create Cotton Candy. The collection would have been incomplete without a pop of pink!

What is your favorite color from the recent launchand why?

I love to wear Lemon Peel.. .once I have a little bit of a tan. I guarantee you will get compliments if you get your “Lemon Peel On.” ?