Labor Day is around the corner and with that extra day off from work, it is time to plan an adventure for the holiday weekend. Here are some of Judy’s favorite places to go and how to dress for them.


The Caribbean

The Caribbean is an easy trip from the east coast. Enjoy all the wonderful restaurants, white glistening beaches and crystal clear waters. Relax, enjoy and have fun. Pack sleeveless tops to stay cool and cute cargo shorts that allow you to island-hop if you wish. And of course, don’t forget your favorite bathing suit.


Lake Tahoe, California

You don’t have to leave the country for some peace and quiet mixed with adventure. Soak in the rays, rent a kayak or splash around in the lake waters. For this excursion, we recommend packing clothes that are fuss-free and comfortable. Luckily JudyP clothing is perfect for a weekend getaway. Pack a camisole and some of your favorite shorts to create a relaxed outfit that works no matter what activity you choose.


Savannah, Georgia

Head here if you’re looking for an enchanting little getaway. This charming town has history, great food, and beautiful avenues for an afternoon or evening stroll. Pack a cute dress and comfortable sandals that will take you from exploring downtown to dinner.


New York City

With a good portion of New York’s residents leaving for a last chance summer getaway, the city is calm and more relaxed during this weekend than at any other time of year. Pack a chic dress, hot-looking pair of shoes and knock-um-dead bag and make a reservation at one of the fabulous restaurants in town!


Sedona, Arizona

Considered a sacred place by Native Americans, visitors head here for its gorgeous scenery and recreational opportunities. You can sit with a spiritual guide to take part in healing meditations or go for a hike. Pack a relaxed fit tank that will wick away sweat in Arizona’s deep heat and shorts with pockets to help you carry water, snacks and your phone.