JudyP clothing is proudly Made in the USA and will continue to stay that way. The fabric is USA made and all of the cutting and sewing done here in America. The biggest component in apparel is fabric. Most apparel companies that claim to be “Made in the USA” use foreign made fabric and can do that because they sew their apparel in the US. Not JudyP…we give you clothing that is truly AMERICAN MADE…components and construction. This is the foundation of our brand!

Judy says, “There is huge consumer interest in buying high-quality, long-lasting products and that interest is growing rapidly. Many people are waking up and rejecting cheaply made fast fashion.”

American made products are created under better conditions and higher standards, bringing another meaning to Made in the USA. It speaks of the quality and excellent craftsmanship that is present here to create superior products.

US manufacturing processes are also much cleaner for the environment than many other countries. “There is less carbon footprint because our products don’t have to be shipped around the world,” says Judy. Countries that have large manufacturing operations tend to have less stringent government regulations compared to the U.S.

When you buy American made products, you are ensuring that proper wages are paid and workplace environment provided in accordance with United States Labor Laws resulting in healthy and happy employees. Importing goods from abroad does not have that level of control and transparency. Often the lack of foreign labor standards allows unsafe and unsanitary working conditions to exist.

Judy says, “It helps American jobs. It’s better for the planet. There are just so many positives to creating American made products.” Next time you are shopping, consider JudyP products that are proudly Made in the USA.