When I became a designer, I was first inspired by the idea of how every woman needs a ‘go-to’ top. I bring this theme to a new concept called the language of colors. Since every season has its own flavor and tone, I would like to introduce a new color: Burgundy. This is the color of the JudyP’s collection for Fall 2022. While we get into the yellows and browns in this time of the year, I unveil this exclusive tone to combine with both, dark and light clothes. 

The Burgundy color takes its name from wines with a strong body and taste. Its light comes from the mix of dark red with green and blue. It has a deeper symbolism and meaning. Burgundy represents wealth, power, and ambition, and it is named after the Burgundy region of France (which was founded by the Germanic tribe of Burgundians).

This sophisticated color combines perfectly with gray, charcoal gray, turquoise, or golden yellow clothing. Because Burgundy is not red or brown, it goes along with this moody time of the year in which the weather and the colors of the landscape are changing, too. Fall is an unpredictable season, so we better get colorful and ready!