Halloween is back, and JudyP tops are here for you to enjoy this season in a colorful way. If there is something symbolic about Halloween, it is how different we all choose to dress ourselves in unique costumes for the day. Whatever your selection is, be sure you pick the right top and color to wear. Show that scary stylish part of you!

Traditionally Halloween marks the end of Summer, the time of harvest, and the beginning of the dark, cold winter.  Thus, nothing says Halloween like getting your outfit ready, and facing the cold with long-sleeved JudyP apparel. 

Turtleneck long sleeves are associated with the feeling of comfort and warmth. In case Halloween turns windy or cold, deep tones such as our trendy fall Burgundy and Chocolate, or  classic colors such as Black or Navy will make your Halloween day.


Scarily Stylish JudyP Tops to Wear this Halloween
Turtleneck long sleeve


It is traditionally believed that on the night of October 31 the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred so, everything is possible!.

Relaxed fit platinum ¾-sleeve and long-sleeve top
Platinum long-sleeve top

Relaxed fit ¾-sleeve and long-sleeve tops will guide you in the transition to the new season. Feel the fall with the passion  Red, or our exclusive Platinum color. 

If you dress up for this day,  you can always wear a basic JudyP sleeveless, or tank top as an underpinning. These items are crucial as  jackets and coats are back in our everyday life. 

Halloween is a transitory day in different ways, but do not doubt,  you can count on JudyP apparel!.