Social distancing and quarantine won’t last forever, and luckily for us, it seems like that end date will line up by the time summer is here. The world will still be changed though.

Music festivals and similar events that have drawn large crowds in the past have been rescheduled for 2021, but that shouldn’t at all chip away from you having an awesome summer. Join us in reviewing the best summer plans for when we can all get back into the world again.

Hiking/Camping: There’s no better way to safely enjoy the outdoors than to go for a hike. While national parks may be limiting the amount of visitors they receive, has thousands of hiking spots that are likely local to your area. Take your outdoor adventure a step further by camping off trail (never been camping before? Now’s the perfect time to start!

Picnics: If hiking is a little too extreme for you, picnics encapture the best of the scenic outdoors without having to move around (much.) Wear your favorite outfit and gather your closest friends for a private day of delicious food and maybe even some wine.

Boating: While beaches might be crowded (and thus tough to social distance yourself on) boating (in everything from a motorboat to a dinghy/kayak) is your best bet to hang out with a limited group of people and avoid others without comprising the beauty of the ocean or a lake. You can get your tan on somewhere other than pool (even though pools work too).

Campfires: You can stay six feet apart from others and still enjoy the heat (and smore-roasting) that comes with a good fire. Up your game by buying sparklers and glow sticks to add a little extra magic to your fire beneath the stars.

Go for a drive. Restaurants and major attractions might still be closed but nothing’s stopping you from getting in your car and going. Hotels are still operational and scenic drives are just as beautiful now as they were before quarantine.

When it comes to having fun this summer, the most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to. If you feel like sitting on your back porch or going for a walk down the street just to enjoy the sunshine and warm breeze, then go for it. What matters most of all is that you take care of – and enjoy – yourself.