Everyone has had an experience with an outfit they absolutely loved, but it was too uncomfortable to wear. Which is why it is essential to enjoy the fabric of the clothes you wear. Not only for its quality, but the texture and how it feels on your skin.
When you wear a garment with an appropriate fabric, it flows as an extension of your skin, as part of your body. Indeed, many women wear gym clothes every day, going to the airport or running errands. The answer is simple: it is comfortable! But what if I told you that you could dress up and still be comfortable? Wouldn’t that be the best of both worlds?

Well, there is a solution to this wishful thinking. JudyP has reinvented the concept of comfort in clothes that look presentable: fashion meets function. JudyP’s fabric is lightweight, ultra soft, and provides 50+ UPF sun protection. So you can act and feel your best no matter what life throws at you. Whether going to your office or simply meeting friends for brunch, wearing JudyP fabrics, you will look and feel your absolute best.

In addition to that, the fabrics are wrinkle-free because we believe that you should be able to live your busy life without having to worry about wrinkled clothes. Our main goal is to provide quality and the ability to dress up or down and be as comfortable as you can be.

Think about those hot summer days when it is quite a challenge to wear pants. JudyP’s fabrics provide a breathable texture that takes away the moisture from your body, helping you stay cool in heat and humidity. So, let’s think again: before there’s clothing, there’s fabric. This is where we started and made the first difference.