With the addition of the right accessory, let us show you how you can transform JudyP’s simple, zipper-free dresses into something different every time you wear them.

We have a dress for every taste and occasion…above the knee, at the knee, fitted, a-line. Our dresses are simplicity personified. That said, with the strategic use of accessories, you can take a JudyP dress and convert it into a unique, flawless look time and time again.

First, let’s discuss the handbag. Since our dresses are solid colors, the most impact will be had by reaching for a handbag or clutch that will really POP! Whether you choose a printed bag or one with great texture, make it be someone wonderful. Examples include velvet, metallic, leather, calf hair or a bag with a statement defining hardware, embellishments, embroidery, the list is endless. Choose a contrast color or carry a textured bag in the same color as the dress, they all work. Look at the outfit together. If the purse pops, go for it!

Earrings & Necklaces: Statement earrings are a huge trend. The bigger, the better! Put the focus on your face. A chunky necklace is also fabulous against the solid dresses. But, not everyone is comfortable wearing oversized jewelry, no worries. A simple, sophisticated necklace in gold, silver, white, black works just as well with a JudyP dress. Whatever look you choose, go for contrast to make a statement.

Shoes: Just like with your bag, create a contrast to the simplicity of your JudyP dress, add texture or go bold.

Other Accessories: Depending on the occasion, a statement ring, a cuff or bracelet, hat, scarf, or sunglasses can transform your dress to fit the moment.

If you do decide to wear multiple accessories, match them by color for a cohesive look and to prevent accessories from competing with each other. Or, pick one piece to be bold in color and go neutral with the rest. For example, if you choose a bold shoe as THE big statement, keep the earrings and handbag neutral.

Now that we’ve established some rules, don’t forget rules are made to be bent or broken. It is all about having fun to create new looks each time you wear a JudyP dress!