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Category: Style According to Your Body

5 Tips for “Double Cleansing” Your Skin

Double cleansing is a staple of Korean skincare, and has recently become popularized in the United States. In essence, you wash your face twice. First, with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup, sweat, and sebum. Then, with a water-based cleanser to more deeply cleanse pores and brighten your complexion. Think of it like shampooing and …

QUIZ: Which JudyP Spring Color Are You?

We all have a favorite color, but which shade best suits your personality? Take this quiz to find out which JudyP Spring color you are! Remember to keep track of your answers along the way to score your final results. Dream vacation destination? A) Paris, France B) Turks and Caicos Islands C) London, England D) …

5 Ways to Style a V-Neck

V-neck shirts may seem like they’ve been around forever, but did you know that until the 1940s they were merely considered to be undergarments? Whatever their history, they’re here to stay now, and they’re certainly a staple at JudyP! While you shop our ¾, sleeveless, and layering V-necks, dream up some outfits with these styling …