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JudyP’s Summer Vacation Packing List

With summer well underway, many of us are looking forward to the vacations we have planned. Something we’re not so excited about? Packing! Well, not to worry. At JudyP, we make it our business to be experts on all things travel. In fact, all of our garments feature wrinkle-resistant fabric so that a few hours …

5 Benefits of American-Made Clothing

The Fourth of July is coming up, so we’ve been seeing headlines about what it means to be an American. But what does it mean to buy American? Some obvious benefits come to mind – a “Made-in-USA” tag indicates a high-quality garment and it clearly helps the US economy. At JudyP we’re extremely proud that …

5 Tips for “Double Cleansing” Your Skin

Double cleansing is a staple of Korean skincare, and has recently become popularized in the United States. In essence, you wash your face twice. First, with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup, sweat, and sebum. Then, with a water-based cleanser to more deeply cleanse pores and brighten your complexion. Think of it like shampooing and …