We all have a favorite color, but which shade best suits your personality? Take this quiz to find out which JudyP Spring color you are! Remember to keep track of your answers along the way to score your final results.

Dream vacation destination?
A) Paris, France
B) Turks and Caicos Islands
C) London, England
D) Malibu, California
E) Miami, Florida

Pick a fabric:
A) Cashmere
B) Linen
C) Velvet
D) Leather
E) Silk

Pick an emoji!
A) ?
B) ?
C) ?
D) ?
E) ?

Which member of the Breakfast Club do you relate to most?
A) Claire (The Princess)
B) Allison (The Basket Case)
C) Brian (The Brain)
D) Bender (The Criminal)
E) Andrew (The Athlete)

How would your friends describe you?
A) Social and organized
B) Relaxed and kind
C) Intelligent and engaging
D) Fun and loving
E) Adventurous and energetic

Favorite article of clothing?
A) My pearls that go with everything!
B) My everyday jeans!
C) My coziest sweater!
D) My dress for special occasions!
E) My best pair of shoes!


Mostly A’s: Pretty in Pink
You got Pretty in Pink! You’re confident, sweet, and very put-together. People admire your clear leadership and posh style!

Mostly B’s: Celeste
You got Celeste! You’re a peaceful and generous person, and in your opinion, there’s nothing better than relaxing outdoors — preferably with a cool ocean breeze!

Mostly C’s: Royalty
You got Royalty! You’re a bit of a wild-card, fueled by a sense of wonder and thirst for knowledge. You love to learn, and to bask in the finer things in life.

Mostly D’s: Razzmatazz
You’re Razzmatazz! You’re funny, independent, and always on-trend. Though you’ve got a bit of an edge, everyone loves you for your unique and unapologetic perspective.

Mostly E’s: Tangerine
You’re Tangerine! Bold, bright, and adventurous, you bring the party wherever you go. Your friends appreciate your endless positivity!