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European Fashion Trends We’re Loving

Here at JudyP, we source inspiration from all corners of the globe. It’s no secret that many of the trendiest colors and styles are launched during Paris Fashion Week, but what about the rest of Europe? Today, we’re highlighting a few of the European trends we’ve been keeping an eye on for 2023.  London Tweed …

6 Unexpected Ways to Style a Camisole

Camisoles, also known as “spaghetti straps,” or “camis,” are a must-have staple of any summer wardrobe. You can layer them up, dress them down, and accessorize to your heart’s delight, leading to infinite outfit options. In fact, we’re tempted to say you could get away with wearing them all summer long. If you aspire to …

5 Benefits of American-Made Clothing

The Fourth of July is coming up, so we’ve been seeing headlines about what it means to be an American. But what does it mean to buy American? Some obvious benefits come to mind – a “Made-in-USA” tag indicates a high-quality garment and it clearly helps the US economy. At JudyP we’re extremely proud that …