The Fourth of July is coming up, so we’ve been seeing headlines about what it means to be an American. But what does it mean to buy American? Some obvious benefits come to mind – a “Made-in-USA” tag indicates a high-quality garment and it clearly helps the US economy. At JudyP we’re extremely proud that all our clothing is made right here in America and that we use USA-made fabric. To share the joy, we’re breaking down the top benefits of American-made clothing.

1- It’s Made to Last
From the Gilded Age to the present, America has a strong history of craftsmanship in tailoring and garment construction. At JudyP, our quality guarantee can be seen in every piece we cut and sew. Your favorite top or dress should last for years – not just one season.

2- It’s Better for the Environment
The United States has strong sustainability guidelines for manufacturers, so when you shop American-made, you know that every effort has been made to reduce carbon emissions. A dress doesn’t need to travel halfway around the world to land in your wardrobe. Our fabric and clothing are made in California, so shipping and transportation costs are limited.

3- It Supports Fair Labor Practices
Garment workers should earn a living wage, receive health benefits, and be able to trust that their workplace is safe and welcoming. That is not the case in foreign countries. US law has regulations in place to guarantee all the above for full-time employees, and JudyP goes a step beyond by employing a quality control person that not only looks at the garments but monitors the cutting and sewing contractor’s workplaces.

4- It Benefits the Economy
Diverse manufacturing jobs are a key element of a strong economy. By shopping at a company that doesn’t outsource labor to other countries, you’re supporting the US economy and encouraging the growth of skilled work, entrepreneurship, and creativity across many industries.

5- It Makes You Feel Good
By consciously shopping at stores that help make the world a better place, you can always feel proud of what you’re wearing. Eco-consciousness, employee support, and quality craftsmanship are the philosophical pillars of our company. In JudyP clothing, you look good and feel great, inside and out!