It’s normal to slow down a bit in the wintertime. Colder weather makes outdoor activities difficult, and with shorter days there’s simply less time to socialize. Often, people enter into a “soft hibernation” between December and March, spending more time in the home with family.

Every season has its pros and cons, but boy is it exciting when spring comes around! Perhaps you’ve been in the situation described above: a little reclusive; taking it easy. What better way to mark the end of a period of introversion than to throw a fantastic Spring Soiree? If this sounds like fun to you, stay tuned, dear Reader. Here are our top tips for welcoming spring in style!

Definitely Decorate!
Don’t skimp on decorations for a party. They set the mood, underscore the theme, and will be immortalized in photos for years to come! It’s also easy to achieve a gorgeous aesthetic without breaking the bank. A week before the party, hang some fresh flowers upside-down to dry them out, then place them in little vases the day-of! Or, pick up some picnic-print bedsheets at a thrift store, then use them as tablecloths or tapestries once they’re clean! 

Curate the Guest List
While it’s tempting to invite everyone you know, save that for the wedding. Sure, the more the merrier, but no one wants to party in an overheated crowd. Take a look at your space and be realistic: can it fit 15 people? 25? 50? Then, invite accordingly, and remember that many people will ask to bring plus ones. It’s likely that you’ve made a few new friends since the last time you had a party, so remember to include them in your invitations. And to build extra anticipation, consider sending cute invites via snail mail!

What’s on the Menu?
It’s simply a fact of life: people love to snack. Consider what time your shindig is scheduled for, and offer appetizers accordingly. Daytime fest: popcorn, mini-sandwiches, and Chex Mix. Evening gala: charcuterie, chips and salsa, and Chex Mix. What we’re saying is: you really can’t go wrong with Chex Mix!

Don’t Forget the Music!
People often save this step until the last minute, and then trust an algorithm with setting the vibes. While pre-packaged playlists are a great option, it’s all the better when you’ve selected some crowd-pleasers specific to your friend group! For the best of both worlds, try this hack: copy all the songs from a playlist you like into your own new playlist. Then, in the week leading up to the party, spend a few minutes a day adding tunes just for you!

Get Your Party Outfit!
Hosting is a big job. Breeze into it with confidence and ease by wearing something you feel great in. A form-fitting dress, a light tank top with sparkly accessories, or a cute v-neck with a patterned skirt are all great options! As hostess, all eyes will be on you anyway, so it’s the perfect opportunity to be colorful