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Tag: summer style

Hair Care Tips for the Dog Days of Summer!

The hot days of summer cause some of the worst hair days of the year. The humidity and having to wash your hair so often to keep it clean often makes it dry and frizzy. But there are a few secrets to having healthy, beautiful hair, even in the summer.   Use hats or scarves …

Summer Tips for Youthful and Healthy Skin

Summer is a time to go out and live your best life, but it’s important to pay close attention to protecting your skin. Exposing your skin to the sun without protection can cause premature aging and sunspots. Wearing sunscreen helps your skin stay moisturized while protecting it from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays. There is …

How to Pack for a European Summer Vacation

While planning a dreamy transatlantic getaway is always exciting, figuring out what to pack for a summer vacation in Europe can be frustrating. Europe is a big, diverse continent and the weather conditions change depending on where you visit. It’s always a good idea to pack a variety of items: your go-to lightweight clothing for …