Summer isn’t over just yet. In fact, we still have nearly two months left before Fall begins.

And, as you may have it, the never-ending question of “What will I wear?” has never been more important than today. Well, sort of. We mean: While social distancing is still a thing, that doesn’t mean you can’t look impeccable from afar!

Our crisp and eye-popping color options alone will have you radiating happy and positive vibes all season long. What’s more, we even have some stylish ideas and outfit combinations that will get you right to Fall’s doorstep. 

1. Chunky boots with feminine dresses are in this summer, bringing elements of the ‘90s grunge scene back to life in a cute and fashionable way. Pair our Paige and Emily with showstopping (and stomping) footwear for a cute and comfy look.  Got an invite to an early evening cookout? Our Sabrina Sleeveless Dress is designed to keep you looking both stylish and playful. 

2. The classics: nothing beats jean shorts with a Tank Top, or our Short Sleeve Jewel Neck Top with heels. When it comes to our tops, they speak for themselves and seamlessly blend in with whatever summer atmosphere you find yourself in, from beach towns to grassy fields– and from rooftop bars to picnics. 

3. Pastel bucket hats are back, keeping the sun off your head (and skin!) in style. Combined with everything from our Tank Tops and our v-necks, we suggest mixing and matching your favorite light colors to rival every blooming flower you see. 

Don’t feel like these looks accommodate your style? Don’t panic: Find your own look with any of our other JudyP items on the site– from tops to dresses, to our new fashion collection, our looks are always stylish, comfortable, and flattering!