Summer is right around the corner and if there is one thing about summer is you want to feel comfortable in what you wear. There is nothing worse than wearing clothes that aren’t breathable, with fabric that makes your skin cry for help!

If you are looking for comfortable, beautiful, luxurious “fashion meets function” clothes; then JudyP Apparel might just be everything you have been searching for. Our fabrics are not only comfortable but also provide sun protection. They have an incredible UPF of 50+ built in; to make sure you are well taken care of on those hot summer days. Because as much as we love getting some sun; we know that the sun damages and ages our skin when we are not wearing protection.

Additionally, our clothes are made to be flattering to every figure. The fabrics are breezy! Because we want you to feel and look your best at all times. As a matter of fact, all of our essential pieces offer an option for “regular fit” or “relax fit” which allows for a little extra room in the waist and hips for your comfort. So, as you get ready for summer make sure to pick up a couple of pieces from JudyP. They keep you comfortable and protected all while looking fabulous!