Along with style, color, and fit, fabric should always be considered while shopping. Not to mention the important role it plays in environmentalism – from fast fashion to the sustainable clothing movement, fabric remains at the heart of today’s apparel debate. 

Today, we’re helping to guide the conversation by breaking down the three most important factors to consider while selecting fabrics. 

Comfort: Even the cutest dress isn’t worth much if it’s uncomfortable to wear. Finding the right fabric is the second-most important factor in comfort – runner-up to shopping for the right fit. Luckily JudyP’s proprietary fabric assists in both arenas. Incredibly soft microfiber is blended with spandex, providing flexibility. Though raw denim is delicious in its own way, sometimes it’s nice to know your clothes will feel luxuriously soft and fit perfectly on your body.

Maintenance: Linen is excellent – until it wrinkles after an hour of wear. And we’ve all got that one gorgeous silk shirt we wouldn’t know how to begin cleaning. If an article of clothing is part of your everyday rotation, it should be ready to wear and easy to clean. JudyP’s fabric is super simple to maintain: it’s wrinkle resistant, machine washable, and only needs a few minutes in the dryer. 

Sustainability: Clothing waste is a big issue. When you shop, you should always plan to buy for keeps. JudyP apparel is made to last, with high quality design, sewing, and fabric. We also go the extra mile – all JudyP clothing is made right here in the USA, where we can cut down on waste during the manufacturing process. With timeless styles, gorgeous colors, long-lasting fabrics and a flexible fit, your JudyP garment is sure to be a closet staple forever.