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Why Fabric Matters

Along with style, color, and fit, fabric should always be considered while shopping. Not to mention the important role it plays in environmentalism – from fast fashion to the sustainable clothing movement, fabric remains at the heart of today’s apparel debate.  Today, we’re helping to guide the conversation by breaking down the three most important …

JudyP’s Spring Colors Are Finally Here!

The most anticipated JudyP event of the season is here: our new spring line of colors has finally arrived! We’re already obsessed with these five new vibrant shades, and we know you will be too. To help introduce you to the 2023 Spring Collection, we’re taking you behind-the-scenes and sharing Judy’s inspirations for each color, …

Rain or Shine Valentine: Cute Date Outfits for Wintertime

It can be tough to style winter date night outfits. One day it’s almost 40 degrees, the next you’re caught in a blizzard! Outside it’s freezing, and inside the heat is cranked all the way up. Add to that the pressure of Valentine’s day, and you’re almost tempted to just stay inside! Not to fear– …