The Pantone Color Institute has officially announced their Color of the Year: Viva Magenta, or PANTONE 18-1750. Described as “a shade that revels in pure joy,” Viva Magenta is a pinkish-crimson which derives its bright hue from the South American cochineal beetle. Beetles aside, you’re probably wondering how to incorporate the official color of 2023 into your own wardrobe. Here are our tips on a few different style approaches to harness the power of Viva Magenta:

Go Bold! This one’s probably obvious. The color is bright, warm, and eye-catching, so why not lean in? Get a form-flattering dress in Viva Magenta and make it a wardrobe staple. And if you’re not a purist, JudyP’s new Spring 2023 color Razzmatazz (available online in February) is pretty dang close! Pair with purples, oranges, and other pinks for a gorgeous and celebratory outfit. Other colors in our Spring 2023 color collection like Royalty, Tangerine, and Pretty in Pink will make perfect matches. 

Go Subtle! Maybe your closet consists of neutrals and that’s just the way you like it. No worries! There are plenty of small but effective ways to use Viva Magenta. It makes an excellent shade for lipstick and blush, and a scarf, hat, or headband will add a sweet pop of color! Pair with calm neutrals like Natural, Platinum, and Pearl

Go Natural! If earth tones are your thing, you’re in luck! As noted, Viva Magenta’s origins lie in the heart of the jungle. The color pairs perfectly with rich greens, deep browns, and dark blues. Try out a double-layered shirt in Burgundy, Chocolate, or Mazarine, then pair with magenta jewelry! Any earrings, necklaces, or brooches will shine like a flower in the forest. 

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