Many wardrobe inventory how-to articles begin by suggesting you take EVERYTHING out of your closet and pile it on your bed. While this can definitely be useful, it also creates a huge mess that might deter you from beginning altogether! To lessen the mess, we’ve devised our own method. It begins with color– our guiding light here at JudyP– and it ends with total clarity on your 2023 wardrobe, and hopefully a little more closet space! 

STEP 1: Create a Color Map: Eyeball your wardrobe– including bedroom closets, hallway closets, drawers, and shoe racks– and determine the three main colors you see. Then, think of two colors you’d like to wear more of. Now’s the fun part: at the center of a piece of paper, write those five colors down and begin brainstorming even MORE colors that pair well with the original set. Connect complementary colors with lines. After listing 10 to 15 additional colors, you’ll end up with a complete Color Map! Expert tip: Don’t be afraid to get specific with your color names! “Rosy Pink” will give you a lot more inspiration than just plain “pink.” 

STEP 2: Clear Some Space: Pull pieces that may have run their course in your closet. Make a “maybe” pile and a “goodbye” pile as you sort through items, using your Color Map, the Marie Kondo method, and your own instincts to help with decision making. Keep it simple: if it doesn’t spark joy, or only has nostalgia value, take a deep breath and put it in the pile. This will get easier as you go, so just keep going! Expert tip: When you’re done, try on a few “maybes” to determine their fate, then make a plan to sell, swap, or donate what didn’t make the cut. 

STEP 3: Take Another Look: The biggest perk of doing a wardrobe inventory is getting a fresh perspective on the items you already own. The double-hanger method is an easy way to find new outfit combos: double up base and outer layers on a single hanger. Not only will you save closet space, you’ll also be able to visualize creative new pairings you may not have otherwise discovered. Styling with an open mind will show you just how versatile your wardrobe already is! Expert tip: While re-hanging your clothes, you may discover that you have way too many sweaters and barely any dresses. If this is the case, return to Step 2. 

STEP 4: Make a Shopping List: With a clear head and a clear(ish) closet, you’ll have a greater sense of the colors, fabrics, and styles you still need. Maybe in Step 3 you surprised yourself with an incredible cardigan-blouse combo, and now you need to complete the look. Splurge on a great pair of pants! And remember those aspirational colors from your Color Map? Scan for those shades the next time you’re shopping, and see what fate offers you! Expert tip: At JudyP, we offer each style in an array of brilliant colors. Why not start here?

Hope this helps, and have a stylish new year!