The most anticipated JudyP event of the season is here: our new spring line of colors has finally arrived! We’re already obsessed with these five new vibrant shades, and we know you will be too. To help introduce you to the 2023 Spring Collection, we’re taking you behind-the-scenes and sharing Judy’s inspirations for each color, along with some designer-approved styling suggestions! 

Tangerine: Orange is back at JudyP, and what a way to kick things off! Tangerine evokes the joyous (and slightly psychedelic) color palette of the 1970s, and stands out in a crowd with a playful and summery warmth. It’s the perfect daytime shade for the season, and transitions well into eye-catching eveningwear. For a more laid-back look, adorn with natural shades like brown, cream, and tan. 

Razzmatazz: Look no further for a gorgeous and trendy color to add to your collection: Razzmatazz falls right in line with the official Pantone Color of the Year, Viva Magenta. This vivid shade could even be described as hot pink’s more mature older sister. Razzmatazz works brilliantly as a statement dress with simple black accessories. Alternatively, go bold and pair it with a bright, printed scarf or bold color blazer. 

Celeste: Our newest hue of blue captures the peaceful, calm feeling of a cool summer breeze. Bright, sweet, and saturated, Celeste empowers its wearer with confidence and charm. Match this universally flattering shade with neutral-colored patterns, silky fabrics, or darker blues. And make sure to grab a tank top or two in this shade– it’s perfect for relaxing days at the beach! 

Pretty in Pink: While it may share a name with the iconic 1980s cult classic film, Pretty in Pink is certainly no throwback. This youthful and elegant shade of pink is a timeless addition to any wardrobe. For a preppier look, dress up with pearls and plaids. For a more flirtatious edge, pair with white fabrics, denim, and layered necklaces. 

Royalty: Purple has long been favored by queens, emperors, and dynasties throughout history, and this latest shade honors that tradition. A rich and vibrant color, Royalty evokes power and luxury while still remaining playful and feminine. Pair with indulgent fabrics like fur, faux-fur, or cashmere. Accessorize with sparkling gemstones and gold accents.