Here at JudyP, we source inspiration from all corners of the globe. It’s no secret that many of the trendiest colors and styles are launched during Paris Fashion Week, but what about the rest of Europe? Today, we’re highlighting a few of the European trends we’ve been keeping an eye on for 2023. 

London Tweed
The 90’s revival trend has reached the people of England, and their interpretation has a distinctly posh character. Think schoolboy-grunge: leather jackets, tweed print, skinny ties, and oxfords. Another emerging English trend we’re loving is the cultural turn towards grey hair. Natural greys and edgy artificial purple-blue dyes are flying off the shelves, and it’s easy to see why – there’s a flattering shade for everyone!


German Bohemian
When people think of Berlin, they often picture the edgy club scene. While androgynous styles are as popular as ever, there’s recently been an alchemic mixing of punk and boho styles. The result is delightful and refreshing – cobbled streets are dotted with more color, especially turquoise. Knitted shorts are both fashionable and ideal for biking around (a popular German pastime). One thing to keep in mind: while you’re going wild with color, keep black as your base. It is Berlin, after all!

French Tomboy
Though black skirts and striped shirts will always have a hold on Parisians, the typical French costume is evolving to match modern standards. Flared and A-line skirts are still all the rage, but now they’re being paired with graphic tops, oversized jackets, and glam sneakers. Just remember to keep it casual; the Paris standard color palette is still a business-casual cool: blues, whites, and tans.

Italian Luxury
In Italy, it’s always about luxury-meets-subtlety, and this year’s trending looks follow that tradition. Italian fashionistas cycle through desirable fabrics like silk, satin, and linen – this summer, linen seems to be front and center. We’re also seeing a classy interpretation of maximalism in the Mediterranean, taking the form of beaded and sequin embellishments on skirts, tops, and even bikinis.