With summer well underway, many of us are looking forward to the vacations we have planned. Something we’re not so excited about? Packing! Well, not to worry. At JudyP, we make it our business to be experts on all things travel. In fact, all of our garments feature wrinkle-resistant fabric so that a few hours in a suitcase is a non-issue! To help get you started on the main chore between you and your relaxation-time, here are our tips on what to pack for a seamless vacation.

Everyday Tank Top
Whether you’ve got a jam-packed schedule or you’re just looking for some R&R, you’ll definitely want a comfy tank top that makes you feel gorgeous. They’re easy to wear, easy to style, and perfect for the hot summer months. To make life simple, get multiple colors in a style you adore!

Flowy Skirts
Move over, pants: it’s skirt season. Long, flowy skirts with florals or simple paisley patterns are super trendy right now, and they look fantastic when paired with a solid-colored top. Treat yourself to some pre-vacay shopping and pick up a few options. While you’re walking around romantic Paris, you’ll feel trés chic!

Versatile Dress
It’s exciting to celebrate your vacation with a fancy dinner or upscale event, but you don’t want to stuff a gown into your suitcase. Get the best of both worlds by packing a dress that can be gussied up or worn casually, like the figure-flattering Sabrina sleeveless dress.

Walking Shoes
The kicks you pack can make or break your vacation – especially if you’re planning to do a lot of sightseeing. Trust us on this: pack your most comfortable walking shoes. High heels are nice, but you don’t want to get a blister on day one. Another pro tip: wear your biggest boots on the plane so that they don’t take up valuable real estate in your suitcase. Have shoes, will travel!

Backup Plan
Regardless of your detailed itinerary, something unexpected always comes up. Make sure you’re prepared for a rain-check by having a long-sleeved option on hand. A colorful tunic made of a lightweight, moisture-wicking material is also the perfect choice for those slightly-cool nights at the beach!