It’s all in the “name” when it comes to our New Fashion Collection. From Emily to Ava, each of the eight new styles feature tweaks to the JudyP silhouettes you’ve all come to know and love. 

At their core, each style comes in an array of dazzling colors that the JudyP brand is famous for. Plus, the Fashion Collection utilizes the same soft-yet-durable fabric that keeps you both, cozy and cool, all year round. 

To give you the inside scoop, we conducted an interview with the one and only JudyP to share the behind the scenes details about the latest collection. 

Q: What’s your favorite item in the new collection?
JudyP: “Sofia” – Our Off the Shoulder Top.

Q: How would you describe this collection in one word?
JudyP: Easy-living.

Q: What was the inspiration for this collection?
JudyP:  Feminine, fun, flirty styles using a single layer construction in the same fabulous fabric everyone loves.

Q: What’s the significance behind each item having a traditional name?
JudyP: Having a name personalizes the garment. It is also more fun than a number.

Q: What do you hope this collection adds to the overall JudyP brand?
JudyP: I think this collection adds diversity…something for everyone.

Q: What did you feel you could bring to life with this new collection?
JudyP:  I have been asked many times for new styles using the same fabric. I felt it was time to make the move to expand the JudyP brand. To do that, it was important to give each style unique design details using the same great fabric in a single layer construction.  

Q:  How do you think JudyP fans will relate to this new collection?
JudyP: They already love the fabric and have asked for new styles to add to their wardrobe. In addition, they asked that the garments be lighter in weight…thus we used a single layer of fabric in this collection versus of our traditional double layer. Lastly, the collection is very feminine and very pretty. With everything going on in the world right now, I think every woman needs something to make them feel feminine and pretty. 

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