In our Spring/Summer 2020 collection, Hot Coral is the biggest “jawdropper.”

The combination of red tones blended with a light, almost airy touch – Hot Coral demands attention. Heads will turn in admiration as you walk by wearing a Hot Coral top or dress. So, make a statement – “fun” or “serious” – it just depends on the occasion you’re dressing for.

Both comfortably and stylishly, our Sabrina Sleeveless Dress embraces the dual nature of the color…the perfect dress for travelling or adventuring.

Our Hot Coral Tank Top is the perfect choice whether you’re going out with company or hanging out on your own by allowing your body to breath with uncompromising class.

The Isabella is the perfect tunic for showing off Hot Coral. The flounce sleeves offer a dash of Renaissance flair adding fluttery grace to your every hand gesture.

When it comes to bright colors like our Hot Coral, other elements of your wardrobe become less important. You can be casual with jewelry – or even omit jewelry altogether – while keeping your makeup at a minimum. You can put the rest of your outfit together with a sense of leisure knowing your Hot Coral top will be the center of attention.

Hot tip#1: painting your nails Hot Coral is just enough of an “extra” to really pop the color without going overboard. Hot tip #2: white pants (or shorts) with a Hot Coral top is pretty much THE perfect combination. Sworn against wearing white? Light pink, believe it or not, is the second best compliment for a Hot Coral wardrobe.