Bright colors are always a surefire way to know that Spring and Summer are here. Fun, happy colors are a “style-must” for the season but sometimes can seem overwhelming. Here are some simple ways to rock bright colors.

Go for neutral accessories: Mix bright colors with muted colors to achieve the perfect calm but bright balance. This way, your accessories won’t compete with the main attraction. Try our Sabrina Dress in a Carnation or Creamsicle and mix it with neutral shoes.

Choose a white bottom: Bright colors really pop with a white bottom, come to think of it…all colors pop with a white bottom. You can work your way from a soft color like Honeydew, Ballet Blush or Blue Glow in the V-Neck ¾ Sleeve to Bougainvillea, Fusion Coral or Bel Air. Have fun with color!

Mix color with denim: Pick your favorite color in your favorite style. Denim softens the contrast of colors. But we think you should go bold and try Lemon Meringue. It will brighten your day and get you lots of compliments. Not quite there yet? Try our Short Sleeve Tee in Mystic or Bellissimo, both work really nice with denim.

Black bottom – White top: Yes, white can be bright and what better combination than black and white. Classic and super-clean. The “must- have” white top, our V-Neck Sleeveless.

Color Combos: Go bright and bold head to toe. Match our classic Tank Top in a fun color like Green Flash or Apricot and pair it with your favorite Lilly Pulitzer, Gretchen Scott or Krazy Larry printed bottom. Not a print girl…combine solids…Pink with Green, Orange with Blue, Yellow with Red.

There are so many great colors to choose from in different hues, pick the ones you love and dare to try something new. Start small; next time you are shopping, pick a color you wouldn’t normally go for. Pretty soon you will have a closet full of happiness with so many ways to create interesting outfits. Life is too short to not stand out from the crowd!