Not too long ago, JudyP introduced Periwinkle, Eternally Turq, Hot Coral, and Sunburst; four new dress colors to enhance Spring with even more brightness. Now, JudyP herself reveals how these colors and their flavorful names came to be. 

Question: What made you choose these colors and their names? 

Judy P:  During the year as I go through Vogue, In Style and W, I rip out pages that have colors that look appealing.  By doing this, I see what colors keep reoccurring and therefore that means that the consumer is seeing those colors over and over again. They are colors that the consumer will gravitate toward when making purchases because they have seen them in fashion magazines, on TV, or the internet, and they feel comfortable and confident in those colors. I love to come up with interesting names for colors. I think that a unique, relevant name gives a dress’s color an identity of its own, so I look through books with color names and I surf the net. Eventually something will just pop out and a new color name is born. 

 Question: What’s your favorite thing about these colors? 

Judy P: This palette is bright, fun.  Eternally Turq and Hot Coral are very “clean” colors that everyone can wear and feel good in, while Periwinkle is a fashion favorite and stands the test of time.  Meanwhile, Sunburst is a soft pastel that women find comforting and feminine when they have it on.

With these four new colors and a variety of tops to choose from, you can brighten up yours and everybody else’s Spring – while being as comfortable and stylish as can be.