Warmer weather means different styles, colors, and outfits to choose from. So pack away those winter boots and mittens and check out our Staff Picks for Spring 2019. They are sure to please.

Shantell: I love the Sabrina Sleeveless Dress in Creamsicle (pictured above: first on the right). It’s a classic dress that can be worn for many occasions which is why it’s my favorite. The Creamsicle color shines bright but isn’t too much. I can mix and match with a pair of white sneakers to run errands or under a blazer to wear at the office.

Jennifer: My pick is the V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Tunic in Bel Air (pictured above: first on the left). I find that I’m always still a bit cold in the Spring even when no one else is. The ¾ sleeves cover me up a bit without looking too wintery. Plus, I love a nice Spring sky and Bel Air reminds me of just that…it is so gorgeous.

Emily: I love the V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Dress (pictured above:  second from the right in Bellissimo). When it’s a bit cooler I love wearing a dress with a sleeve. It’s functional and flowy. I like the colors Bellissimo and Carnation for Spring…I’m a sucker for pink so I love wearing it whenever possible.

Judy: It’s hard to pick just one but I think the Tank Top in Honeydew (pictured above: second from the left) is my favorite. Honeydew is a color you don’t find all that often which is too bad because it’s very relaxing and comforting. I’m always on the go so I look for clothing that meshes well with any activity. Our tank top is comfortable but versatile.

No matter which style or color you crave, JudyP has the something for you. Mix and match to your heart’s desire. And remember: fashion is all about personal expression.