Like most fashion trends, necklines come and go in popularity. Still, it’s helpful to know which ones flatter your shape best. And today, we’re shining light on the ever-so-flattering scoop-neck top.

A flattering, more open version of the crewneck, a scoop-neck top offers a deeper, wider neckline that draws the eye downward, lengthening your neck and accentuating your collarbone. (One word: Sexy!)

While scoop-neck tops are a friend to all body shapes and sizes, there are a few things to know about this particular neckline style.

First and foremost, scoop-neck tops can be cut low enough to display some cleavage. Meaning, that, if you have a smaller bust and are looking for some extra flair, you can certainly rock a scoop-neck top to accentuate the area. (The same is true if you have a larger bust and are looking to show it off!)

Have broad shoulders that you want to bring in a little bit? A scoop-neck top, like our best-seller Isabella, is great for that, too. A wider neckline— like that of a scoop-neck top — helps draw focus away from the width of your shoulders, while elongating your silhouette. Plus, showing off your décolletage is always flattering.

If you are self-conscious about having a “short neck,” then making your neck look longer can improve your overall body proportion and make you feel more confident. Enter the scoop-neck top. Not only can a scoop-neckline like the one featured in our Tank Top make your neck appear longer, it can also sometimes make you look taller and leaner overall.  

As for which body types work best for a scoopline, it’s safe to say, all do. Whether you’re an hourglass, pear, athletic, plus-size, or petite, this neckline is sure to flatter and create a feminine effect.