Welcome to JudyP! For those who have never shopped with us before, this is a starter guide with everything you need to know to get the look that works best for you. We have a wide variety of styles, colors and fits for different body-types. You can surely find a JudyP piece that is perfect for you.

Our ¾ sleeve pieces are very popular. This sleeve length is most becoming. Our bestselling tops are the V-neck ¾ Sleeve Tunic and V-neck ¾ Sleeve Top (regular and relaxed fit). These styles are great staples for your wardrobe.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is the inspiration for our Sabrina neckline styles. This neckline is guaranteed to make you feel pretty. Our Sleeveless Shell is airy without being too revealing. You can mix and match this top with everything in your closet. It works great for the office as well as for a casual get together. It’s versatile which is why it’s loved.

Our long sleeve turtleneck mixes sophistication with comfort. It’s a great choice at the office where the A/C sometimes freezes you out. Tuck it into a pair of high waisted pants for a professional look and stay warm!

Dresses need to be comfortable and easy to wear. Our V-Neck ¾ Sleeve Dress and Sleeveless Sabina Dress are both great sellers. No zippers, amazing stretch and a perfect length…that’s what makes JudyP dresses a must-have! Pair a colorful dress with a chunky belt for a great day outfit. Buy them in black and you will have the perfect LBD – “Little Black Dress”.

Ever love something but wish it came in another color? Luckily for you, JudyP offers every style in numerous colors! Bel Air is our “hottest” new color. It has just the right amount of brightness. Of course, Navy is always a top choice in the spring and summer. Our Navy is rich and deep. Ballet Blush is sweet and light and looks great on everyone. Calm naturals are very “in” right now. Never be afraid to wear color. Color will make feel happy and therefore, more approachable. Pick colors to complement what is in your closet and let yourself feel good!

Regardless of what you are looking for, we have many options to fill your needs. Just to make it more inviting…all our clothing is made from fabric that offers UPF 50+, wicks away moisture and is wrinkle-resistant. Everything we create is made in the United States so you get quality apparel, that will stand the test of time and you can proud to be wearing.